Thursday, April 21, 2011

R is for Rushing

Being a certificate-holding procrastinator myself, I know about rushing all too well. I actually tend to do pretty well under pressure, but have to admit that my work is always better when I take my time. Heck, that’s probably true for all of us. Or at least, the vast majority of us.

If it’s the first of the month, for instance, and I know the deadline for something is the last of the month, I’ll likely wait until the day before the end to do anything. I wish I weren’t wired that way, but I guess that’s how the cookie crumbles. I would love to be able to honestly tell you that I use a little time each day, and knock off the task slowly and efficiently, but that’s jut not the way I do things. There are some endeavors, however, that I always try not to rush.

Take driving, for instance. I like to be a punctual person, although it isn’t always that way. I’d rather leave ten or fifteen minutes earlier than I have to and relax on the way, rather than leave ten minutes late and speed around like an idiot. I’m a very careful driver and have no accidents on my record, and I’d like to keep it that way. Also, being an avid off-road enthusiast, I know the importance of taking your time behind the wheel. Rush over an obstacle and your vehicle turns over. It’s as simple as that.

Writing is another one. I really try and take my time so I can put my best into each and every work, but that doesn’t always happen, either. Too many times I’ve whipped out a short story or article on the day it’s due, knowing full well that I’ve had a month or more to work on the piece. I’m trying hard to change that, and it’s actually working, but slowly. Kicking my own butt into high gear isn’t the easiest thing to do at times. I’m sure many of you can relate.

I also try to take my time when welding. A rushed welding job almost always fails, and there is the big potential to actually get injured. Cutting, grinding, welding, and painting all have to be done at much slower pace than I sometimes would like them to be. There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it, either. Take your time or watch your work fail. I guess that’s true in most other things, as well, really.

I’m also a very slow reader. If I rush, I miss things along the way. Besides, I’m one of those dudes who likes to read some lines over and over again, simply because they sound brilliant. I appreciate reading, and I don’t believe it can be fully enjoyed at a rabbit’s pace. I’m much more of a turtleish page-turner. Heh.

I think most of us could stand to work on our time management, a little, and see our work improve. Whether it be a writing piece, a chess game, a vehicle repair, or any other project, taking your time can only be beneficial. That is, of course, unless the endeavor is something like speed dating or a foot race. In those cases, you had better get to rushing along.


L.L. Woodard said...

I'm ashamed to admit I belong to the procrastinator's club. I haven't always been like this--it sort of crept up on me.

Lisa said...

Found you by the "suprise me" button. Really enjoyed reading your blog.


Anonymous said...

I procrastinate, too. Some of my best work happens when I'm in go-go-go mode, but I do need to leave enough time for a few edits, so I usually try to look at my 'deadline' as being earlier than it really is.

Yeah, I know. It doesn't always work for me, either.

Sylvia Colette Branch said...

ah, you DO understand, Derek! (just read your comment on my self sabotage post) ahhhh well, carry on

pbquig said...

Derek, both you and Sylvie today have been writing my life story.

I'm also very glad you take time welding, that sounds dangerous.

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