Thursday, December 17, 2015

One Shot...

You know, over the last few years, something has become painfully clear: I’m not really good at anything.

I know, I know, and before you say anything, YES, I’m involved in a shit ton of things and am decent at a lot of stuff. But sometimes, I don’t want to be simply decent. Sometimes, I want to be good, you know? Like, damned good.
And I’m just not.

I’m good at playing the drums, it’s true. But, that being said, after twenty-two years, I should be a lot better. I’m good at computers, just not good enough to get paid. I’m good at being funny, just not good enough for a career in standup. I’m good at AutoZone, just not good enough, apparently, for them to pay me anywhere near a respectable wage. I’m good at this, I’m good at that, I’m interested in a thousand things, but nothing in there really stands out as exceptional.

Except writing.

Do I think I’m an exceptional writer? I don't know. I truly don't. But I do know that it’s my only hope. I’m just not good enough at anything else to make it matter. I mean, yes, they make me happy, which is important. Metal detecting, for instance, makes me very happy. I’m just not good enough at it to be on the show Diggers. Singing makes me happy, too, but you won't see me on American Idol next season.

You get what I’m saying.

If I’m going to make it, really make it, in this jacked up, crazy world, I’d better not quit writing. It’s the only thing I can do better than my friends. I don’t expect to gain Stephen King fame or be studied by college students for the next hundred years, but a living would be nice. A fiction living would be so, so nice.

And therefore, wrong or right, I plod on and on with my words, writing as much as I can when I have the time in hopes I can sell a few tales to the readers of the world. While writing is rewarding and I love every second, it sure would be nice to say I’m a writer when people ask what I do for a living.