Saturday, October 11, 2014

It's right out front if you...

I hear this quite a bit at work. The phrase causes my blood pressure to rise a little, I can’t lie.  The sheer selfishness of people never ceases to get me going. Of course, I realize that not everyone who says that to a parts counter guy is selfish, but then they are likely very lazy and/or think they are owed something from life. No matter the mindset, the phrase itself is what bothers me, not the fact that a customer wants me to go out front and look at their car.

“It’s out front...” they say, finger toward the parking lot, leading expression on their face. I just have to wonder what gives people the impression that a parts counter guy has any business out in the parking lot looking at some issue their car is having. Now, testing batteries and alternators, which we offer as a free service, is one thing, but how do I change my headlight? Truly, learn to use your computer’s search engine. That’s just pure laziness.

Here’s a typical conversation:

Customer: What headlights do I need for a [insert car here].

Me: Is yours an EX or an LX, sir?

Customer: It’s out front if you wanna check.

This phrase inevitably pops up when I have a ten-person line in front of me, and never when we are slow. No, sir, I really don’t want to go out to your Japanese car and figure out what you drive for you. I can understand not knowing a lot about cars, and that isn’t the issue. But not knowing what you drive? That is just amazing to me. And then not knowing what you drive and expecting a parts guy to hone in on the correct item for you.


All day long, folks get the years wrong, the engines wrong, the drive train wrong, the model wrong, etcetera. I don’t expect everyone to be a car guru, but I also don’t expect so many people to simply know nothing about their cars other than they go and stop. A few, yes, but not the massive amount that seem to wander into the store with dazed looks on their faces.

Stay tuned for: Folks who drive luxury cars and get pissed about prices.