Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Good is good, God is God

So, on Sunday, E and I met with friends at their local church. We had tried churches before, but Christians can be very... angry. We don’t believe that religion and anger largely go together. Heck, we aren’t even real religious, but we like good people.

We’ve had a couple of *real* bad church experiences, and at least one other very good one (Mormon church in Utah – that was a great time!). Our friends said that this church was very laid back, everyone was welcome, even GAYS.

‘Nuff said. We would try it.

Our friends were correct: the church was a mixture of a ton of different people, from a tattooed black gentleman who looks like he gang-banged in a former life, to sweet old ladies, and everyone in between.

We were happy with that.

There was a good community feel there, and not an ounce of pressure. They were just nice people, which fit the bill most excellently. You don’t need to be a monk to know that hitting people, spitting on the sidewalk, or stealing is wrong; you just have to be a good person. Kudos to good people.

Also, the services start at ten A.M., which is just dandy for us. Sometimes, we stay out rather late on Saturdays, which makes getting up at six in the morning rather difficult, at best. We like ten in the morning. 

There are all denominations at this church, as well, from Mormons to Catholics to Methodists and more. I was personally raised Baptist, but attended a Methodist church time to time with my grandparents. To me, God is God. It’s all the same. I don’t plan on becoming a religious scholar and so the minor differences don’t mean a hoot to me, and never have.

Good is good, God is God. What’s the matter with just trying to be good with a group of other good people? Nothing, in my eyes. Nothing at all. 

We will go back to that church with our nice friends, and we will shake the hands of nice people. It’s nice. :)


Citizen Atheist said...

Why go back to a church that you know is worshiping a fictitious god - just as fictitious as Allah, Thor, Zeus and Poseidon? Purely for social reasons? That's sad.

Anonymous said...

That's the type of church we should all go to if we feel compelled to go to church. I'm just not compelled to go. I figure if God really exists, the way most folks think he does, then He knows why I'm not going to church and if he doesn't exist, then who cares if I go to church or not?

But some people like and need the fellowship and some believe God compels them to attend. In those instances, finding a place they feel comfortable is something I hope everyone can do.

Love and stuff,

PS: Citizen Atheist--it's really not sad and by calling it sad, you really put a lot of judgement into your comment. I thought Christians were good for judgement, but it seems you've got a handle on it too.