Thursday, April 26, 2012

What are They Doing?

I often wonder what folks are doing when I don’t know what they are doing. If they are posting on Facebook, or at my house, then I know what they are doing. But what about when they aren’t posting and when they aren’t visiting?

Does it even matter?

No. Not even a little bit. But it intrigues me, nonetheless. The list of things they *could* be doing is almost infinite. The list of regular, everyday things is quite smaller. Those are the things that intrigue me.

Say someone posts a story on Facebook about some wild thing happening to them. I immediately wonder what I was doing when they were experiencing the wild thing. Was I at the computer, typing? Was in outside with the garbage cans? Were my pants up or down? Was I awake?

The same goes the other way, too, of course. We’ll pick a fictitious name to protect the innocent and call the person in question Cheryl. Because I don’t know a Cheryl. Anyhow, let’s say I randomly think about Cheryl one day while considering a chess move, or having a beer. What the hell is Cheryl doing, right that moment?

Chances are, nothing special. She could be eating, or talking on the phone, or watching the tube, or doing her hair. She could be in the shower or sitting on the throne, and she could be indisposed in other ways. She could be at the Target store or McHeartAttack or NotSoBestBuy.

Or she could be dead.

The possibilities! They wrap themselves around my mind like a hungry spider and they don’t let me go. And it’s all a waste of time because as we’ve already concluded, it doesn’t matter a tick. Not a single iota. Yet, I wonder; I always wonder.

What about you? Do you have any weird mentalities that you haven’t noticed other people admitting to you?

I wonder...


Mike Mike said...

When I'm not talking to you I spend every waking moment searching for clown porn that I haven't yet seen.

Mystery solved.

Sharkbytes said...

What are you doing right now, Derek? Are you thinking of me? Perhaps we are unknown lovers. Perhaps we could practice mutual oneiromancy. Perhaps we should just forget it! ;-)