Saturday, April 7, 2012

Silly Saturday: Sharing Pictures for Cash

It’s time for Silly Saturday! Today we are going to take a look at people who share pictures on their Facebook feed in order to receive a benefit or help someone in need. Really? Ya think so, eh?

So far I’ve seen two different types of these photos: ones that are shared in hopes of helping someone else, and ones that are shared in hopes of helping the sharer. I don’t believe in either of these. I’ve been wrong before, of course, a couple times, but this entire idea just seems silly to me.

Photo A, one that is shared in hopes of helping others, might be of a disaster area, a young bald girl with cancer, or something equally awful. The picture claims that for each “Share”, someone will get money and be helped. I’m no Rhodes Scholar, but this seems very hard to believe. Why would sharing a photo generate income? Life just doesn’t work like that.

Photo B, an image shared in hopes of us helping ourselves, is the silliest of them, in my opinion. Recently, the bloke who won the gazillion dollars in the lottery is supposedly “sharing” some cash with everyone who displays his picture on their Facebook profile.

C’mon, now.

If you believe this, then you are definitely in a little bit of trouble. It has scam and ‘sucker’ written all over it. Most of the people sharing it know it, too. They preface the ‘share’ with sentiments like, “Hard to believe, but it’s worth a shot!” or, “Hey! You never know!”

Oh, we know. It ain’t happenin’, Dollface.

Before you share an unreasonably silly picture on your FB wall, for everyone to see, give it a little thought. Better yet, do some actual Google research (not Bing, please don’t Bing) and see if there’s any truth to the bit. If there is, more power to you. There isn’t, though. I can’t imagine why in the world there would be.

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