Monday, March 26, 2012

Three things to do while alone in the house

For those of you who live on your own, you don’t need to worry about this entry because you are already a pro at doing things by yourself. For the rest of us, though, I have cooked up some ideas, and I’ll try and highlight the good and the bad with each one. Heck, I’m only doing three, so it should be relatively easy.

1. Watch movies.

The problem with this one is that I’m a lover of the macabre, and I always watch something jacked-up which leaves me scared out of my mind, and I always watch them at night.

The good: I get to see kick-ass flicks that my partner may not be interested in watching.

The bad: Holy shit, I’m scared.

2. Read a book.

Reading is always something I have enjoyed. Again, though, I tend to lean heavily toward the macabre side of things, and so there has been more than one occasion when, late at night, I begin freaking out because the story is really good and really, really scary.

The good: I get to settle in and read a good story. I don’t feel obligated to do anything else but read the thing.

The bad: Holy shit, I’m scared.

3. Listen to your favorite music.

Neat! I get to crank up the tunes, go back in time (I always go to the ‘80s, myself...), and reminisce. Play the air guitar, bang on the air drums, grab an air microphone, scoot across the floor like Tom Cruise in that horrible scene I won’t admit to ever having watched.

The good: I always find songs I had forgotten I loved so much way back when.

The bad: I end up spending hours on YouTube, and don’t get a damn thing done. YouTube has a special way of sucking the minutes and hours of your life away. It’s a rut I’ve been caught in all too often.


heatherbrown1986 said...

1) I totally do that... scare the sh*t outta myself watching scary movies alone!
2) I love reading... I don't read though, as often as I should. Lol.
3) YouTube and FACEBOOK! Ahhh! Just 5 minutes I tell myself... three hours later "DAMMIT!"

Amberr said...

LOL. I scarcely remember what it's like to be by myself. If I get the chance in the near future, I'm going with a nice book. I have about 100 books to catch up on .

Anonymous said...

I was pretty sure you were going to end it with "Holy shit, I’m scared." and after the big hair band pic, it would have been completely understandable.