Thursday, March 29, 2012

My House: Project Landscaping

In early 2010, I was able to buy my first house. I’d owned a mobile-home previously, but it’s a far stretch from an actual house. This was the real deal, complete with a detached garage, a decent-sized, fully gated yard, and a bunch of trees. I was in hog-heaven.

Over time, neglect and poor decision-making have transformed a beautiful yard into a shit hole. Oh, it’s not completely white trash, but it’s definitely getting there. Most of the “lawn” is just green weeds and as such, it grows at four-times the rate of regular grass. If I don’t mow for a couple weeks, the place looks like ass.

I’ve also added a few cars and a boat into the mix, making the place look like a used-car lot. I’ve had the boat for over a year and haven’t taken it out once, so I’m thinking of selling it. I could use a camp trailer tons more, anyhow.

I’m rebuilding my ’68 Plymouth and was able to find a cheap donor ’68 for the project, so it’s sitting right in the middle of things, too. I also agreed to store a friend’s Acura for a while, and so there it sits, as well.

I’m changing all that this Spring/Summer.

I’m going to get out there and get my hands (and likely my jeans) dirty. I want to put rock and/or bark in a lot of the places that I currently have to mow so that it’s more low-maintenance. I want to cut down one of the trees and put in a garden shed. I want to install a gate so I can get to a part of the yard that is all but inaccessible due to a larger-than-life cactus thing.

I haz plans.

As you can see from the picture, the place has big potential. It’s just going to take a lot of effort and cash to get it where I want it. That’s okay, I guess; effort and cash make the world go ‘round, right?

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