Monday, January 2, 2012

Resolutions for 2012

Did I make any this year? Yea. Are they realistic? Yes. Unlike many of the other people I have seen making resolutions, I have always made mine goals that are actually achievable. I have never enjoyed setting myself up for failure.

No, I didn’t resolve to lose any weight or not to party as much, because I know those will go down the drain, anyhow. I didn’t resolve to be a better man, or to help the poor, or even to clean up my filthy mouth; those are all part of a sinking ship, as well.

My resolutions are to study and play more competition chess, and to keep a respectable writing schedule. I can do those. I really can. I mean, we are already in Day 2 of 2012 and I have a perfect score. That’s something, right?


I have books I haven’t read all the way through, I have videos I haven’t watched, and there are major portions of my game that I am well-aware need some tending to. 2012 is the year to do those things. Also, I would like to lift my real-life (as opposed to Internet) rating by two-hundred points. I’m going to get me some.


While I try to write something every day, it doesn’t always happen. Having a cold, being hung over, staying up all night screwing around and being tired the next day – all reasons not to write. This year, though, I’ll write something every single day I can, even if it’s just another BS blog post like this one. I also have a goal of one short story written/edited/submitted somewhere per month. That shouldn’t be too hard to do. Ray Bradbury recommended one per week, so I’m giving myself quite a bit of wiggle room, there.

I will achieve these goals. Are you going to achieve yours?

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Saoirse O'Mara said...

Nice resolutions! My resolutions are only ones I am able to achieve too, since that's the only way resolutions make any sense at all ;) Mine include writing and publishing the second Miro the Dragon book, and some other writing and editing, as well as a single non-writing goal I am set on achieving.