Friday, January 6, 2012

I have guns.

Many of you readers already realize I’m a gun advocate. I have several in the house, all loaded, all ready to go. I have seen four news stories in as many days about home invasions, and I’m not going to become a victim. I simply refuse.

Do I want to shoot someone? No. Will I, if they kick in my door? You bet. I may or may not shoot to kill, depending on the situation, but I definitely have zero problems firing at an intruder.

Although I love all my guns, my soft spot is for my 1911 .45 semi-automatic. There’s something about a 1911 in your hands that just satisfies. It’s fun at the range, too. It sleeps next to me on the nightstand, whether I’m at home or traveling.

Being car jacked is scary, and being robbed is scary, but I don’t think those experiences can touch the horror of finding a stranger in your house at three in the morning. That has to be terrifying. The local home invasion idiots are working during the daytime here in Southern California. They just kick in the door, tie up the residents, and then take all their stuff. That won’t be happening to me.

I also realize that several people in the world not only do not own guns, but are anti-gun, and that’s fine, too. I would never try to convince anyone who doesn’t like guns to get one and bring it into the house. I believe very strongly, however, in our rights as citizens to own guns and use them if necessary. Sometimes, deadly force is what it takes to save your own life or the lives of loved ones.

I’m also not paranoid. Not in the slightest. But, I’m ready, should anything weird ever go down at my home. I have my choice of several firearms to use, and I have had them in my hands more than once when things went bump in the night. I don’t care if someone just wants to steal my TV or if they are intending to torture and rape, they aren’t doing it in my house. Not a chance.

What are your feelings on guns in the home? Of course, this question assumes that they are always used safely and locked up if children or guests are present, and all that good stuff. Do you believe in deadly force for a home invasion?

Did you ever crank-call the cops as a kid? It doesn’t work out well. They call back and, if they don’t get the answers they like, they send a car over. I know this because I am a male, and that’s what male teenagers do.

In light of that, if I’m positive there is someone in my house, I’m dialing 9-1-1, saying, “Hurry,”, and then hanging up. They’ll call right back, which may just be enough to scare off the intruders. If that doesn’t work, I hope that a squad car pulls up before I have to use my gun.


Kriss Morton-Weekley said...

I live in Alaska, so NOT having a gun is NOT an option for many of us. I also do a lot of hiking and traipsing through the woods on photo shoots. So bear insurance is a necessity. Many here are subsistence hunters, again it is a necessity. I'm an Alaskan and I agree with this post!

Derek Odom said...

Thank you! I probably should have added in animals, because that's a reality, as well. Great point. :)

Melissa said...

I've heard it said when seconds count, the cops are only minutes away. Here is where I stand on guns. I believe it is my second amendment right to bear arms. I thinking having armed citizens keeps tyranny at bay. That being said, I also believe that if you are going to bear arms, you need to be proficient at shooting that weapon and keep it in good working order. Guns should also be in your control or locked. I can think of nothing worse than being shot with my own gun.

As a Texan, I am also concerned with home invasion and the violence that is spilling over our boarders. I am thankful that Texas is a stand your ground state and I do not need a CHL to carry in my car. I have recently applied for my CHL and now await for it to arrive in the mail.

Great blog topic Derek! Thank you for sharing with us.

Derek Odom said...

Thanks for the reply, Melissa! I really want a carry permit, but in CA it’s very difficult to get, so I’ve put it off. I go camping and wheeling a lot and I hear that if you spend time outdoors it’s easier, but I don’t know. Folks at campgrounds get a little nervous when I wear my .45 on my hip, so I’d like to keep it hidden.

Good luck on your carry permit! I think it’s awesome you feel that way. :)

Melissa said...

Derek - I understand that living in CA would make it difficult to get a CHL. My parents live in The People Republic of New York (as I like to call it) and they had to jump through all kinds of hoops to get their CHL (both my mom and dad have theirs).

I took some master level classes about a year ago and I had a group project with some foreign students from India. In talking with them I asked the question, we were both British Colonies at one point. Why did we get our independence in the 1780's and it took you guys until the 1940's? My friends response "Your farmers had guns. We did not". James Madison said "A well regulated militia, composed of the body of the people, trained in arms, is the best most natural defense of a free country. " How right he was.

URWelcome said...

I am also for gun rights, but my opinion differs slightly when it comes to shooting intruders. I shoot to kill, every time. I believe my hand has been forced by the state that I live in.. The last thing I want in California, is to shoot an intruder and then have him able to hire a lawyer, and be able to make up lies about what happened. I can hear it now, "I was backing out the door and told him I was leaving and then he SHOT me!!!" No, no... The only side of the story in the case of a home invasion will be my side, "I defended my family"