Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Facebook: Copied and Pasted Statuses

So, what is it with folks and their copied and pasted statuses? Do they have no original thoughts? Do they feel obligated to pass along information if they are asked to? The copy/paste a status thing is so utterly ridiculous to me that I refuse to even read them anymore. Talk about generic.

First off, many of these statuses claim that you should copy and paste them if you have the best mother/father/daughter/son in the world. Well, logically then, the status can only be posted once, because there can only be one best of anything. Is it a tie? They are all the best? Why bother then? Why not just go to your mother’s/father’s/daughter’s/son’s wall and tell them that you think they are the best in the world? That seems a hell of a lot more sincere to me.

Second, the vast majority of these statuses contain horrible spelling and grammar mistakes and probably should be edited before copying and pasting. Yes, we all make spelling and grammar mistakes from time to time, but I highly doubt that anyone is asking someone to spread those mistakes around freely, without a care in the world. So please, folks, before you copy and paste your status update put it through a word processor or run it by a friend who knows the English language so that you don’t look so foolish.

Third, most of the folks I see copying and pasting status updates are also the ones complaining that there is no time to get things done during their day. Many of these same folks play the Facebook games that are so popular. I myself have never played one, and don’t plan to. I have enough on my plate. But, seeing as they had the time to copy and paste something utterly useless and maybe even offensive if thought about long enough, I can’t imagine what other “necessary” things they are doing with their time. I’ll bet a whole dollar that if they simply logged onto Facebook, did what they needed to do and logged off, there would be time to do the little things that are escaping them. Just saying.


Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Facebook makes me nuts. I belong solely to give the impression that I'm not a complete and absolute hermit.


D said...

Ahhhhh hahahahahahahaaaaaaaa.....It hurts because it's true!

Christina said...

Ha...this is awesome. Copy and paste if you agree...

Michelle L. Devon said...

(chuckle) I tend to agree with that, most of the time (nodding) Yup. I should do a rant, though, on people who say, "First off," (giggles) LOL Looking forward to reading more!

(PS: I HATE having to use my google account to leave a comment, since I no longer blog or use my google account and I don't have an openID and never will--a name/url option would probably get you more comments!)

Anonymous said...

The thing about Facebook though is that none of it is stuff they NEED to do.

(Don't forget to copy and paste this comment elsewhere.) :P