Saturday, August 9, 2014

Something in the Stars

So, for the past few nights, I’ve been having dreams involving A-List celebrities. While I’m sure we’ve all had them in some form or other, several nights in a row? All different stars from totally different genres?

It’s a bit wacky.

A couple nights ago, Anthony Hopkins was hunting me with the intent to kill. He almost achieved his goal. I ran from him for days (in the dream) but he finally caught up with me as I was trying to shake him under a freeway overpass. He lunged at me with a machete type blade and cut my arm up good.

Okay, I told myself, this dude is really going to take my life. I ran home, Anthony hot on my heels. I got upstairs, grabbed my Kimber .45, and the slide was broken——I couldn’t rack it to chamber a round. So I grabbed my 9mm and headed outside. 

“Be careful brandishing a weapon out there,” my father says.

“I’m not going to brandish it, I’m going to put a bullet in this fucker’s head,” I replied, and headed down the stairs.

He’d fallen asleep on a bench adjacent a sidewalk. Even in the dream, it occurred to me that shooting him like that was not only a pussy move but probably illegal and I’d fry for it since I wasn’t currently in imminent danger. I didn’t care. I put the muzzle an inch from his head and pulled.


When I looked down, the freaking barrel was actually bent to the left. Of course, he’d woken up and looked back at me, a devious grimace on his face. So I pistol whipped him, hard, and ran back inside the house. It was then that I woke in real life, heart racing and legs thrashing. Not a fun dream.

Then, just last night, I went on a sexy date with Drew Barrymore that ended...extremely well, and I spent the morning hours with none other than M.C. Hammer. I don’t remember what we were doing now, but it wasn’t anything to do with music. He was just a regular blow, only famous as all get out. 

Mmm, yes.


Now, I have been watching Stephen King bits at night before bed: Interviews, question-and-answer sessions at colleges, and etcetera. I wonder if this has anything to do with it? I also wonder why I haven’t dreamed specifically of King.

Weird stuff.

Anyhow, I realize that dreams are about as interesting as listening to the clock tick for the non-dream-haver, so I’ll stop here. I will close by saying that I’m not new to busting up dreams. I spent a good solid year reading dream key type books and learning how to decode the suckers.

But famous folks every night?  A bit odd. 


Michelle Devon said...

you know, there's a theory that no one can dream about someone they have never seen or met in some way... dreaming about famous people sort of makes sense. I dreamed of george clooney the other night, and I'm not one of those women who have the hots for him like some do. I just have the warms for him.

I love and hate dreams all at the same time. They fascinate me.

So what are you getting out of them--the feelings?

Also--can you turn on name/url so I don't have to use my gmail account I never log into so I can tawk to ya?

Love and stuff,

Derek Odom said...

Hmm, hadn’t thought of it, but yes, feelings are what I’m getting. What I’m imagining is there’s a story cooking inside me and these dream players are setting me up for it. I just have to pay attention to them and know when to act.

And yes, I’ll poke around the back end and see what is going on; been a while since I penned here. :D

Thanks for the read!

Derek Odom said...

Okay, I updated. See if it works?

Michelle Devon (Michy) said...

Maybe you're wanting to picture the movie of your story... that's why King wouldn't be in it--he's not an actor, he's a writer.... you're dreaming of actors, the people most likely to play the roles of your characters.

And yes! That works perfectly, thanks!