Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The moment I knew I wasn't satisfied...

The moment I knew I wasn’t satisfied with my stupid job, I looked into freelance writing. A few short months later, in October of 2008, I had quit the job and freelanced full-time. To say it was grand would be a gross understatement. It was the bomb.

I did that for five years and, with the bottom dropping out of most the markets, I found myself doing more free than paid work. Companies began to go under and/or let most of their writers go, ESL articles were beating out well-written stuff by good writers, bots were taking over. In short, though I did have some real neat jobs during those five years, I didn’t find one (or a few) to actually support myself for the long haul.

So, then, the moment I knew I wasn’t satisfied with my article writing career, I began looking for local part-time employ. I finally found a decent job just a couple blocks from my home, and am still there today. Of course, many times I look back on when I was making good money from home and wonder what the hell happened. It’s just the way of things. I still get the occasional gig, but nothing like it was when I really beat the streets, so to speak.

And so, here I am, in exactly the same position I ended off in 2008, only making less money, if you can believe that. Do I think my foray into writing was a mistake? Most assuredly not. I gained some real life, valuable experience doing what I did, and besides, I get to tell people I was a professional freelance writer for five years. That’s kinda cool.

In a nutshell, life continues to throw its spices at me with fervor. It continues to surprise me, beat me down, and let me get back up, most of the time higher than I was before the initial beat down. One can literally only guess at the next twist and turn I’ll encounter. The only thing for sure is that I’m ready for it.

I’m always ready. 

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Mojo/Gill said...

Looking forward to hearing about the next twist ;)