Thursday, February 9, 2012

I Like to Feel Good

I woke up this morning to an instant message from a buddy with a YouTube URL. I clicked it, and the title of the video was, “Life Vest Inside - Kindness Boomerang - "One Day". I thought it odd that a beer-drinking buddy would send such a thing to me, but in the end I was glad he did.

It’s kind of a ‘pay it forward’ type video. It starts with a man helping a kid, who helps someone else, who helps another, and so on until the kindness comes full circle back to the original nice man.

And it was a breath of fresh air.

With all the violent and sexy videos on the Internet, it was really nice to see one with a positive message instead. When the video started, my first thought was that I was going to lose five minutes of my life to something horribly cutesy and disgustingly unrealistic. I trust my friend, however, and so I kept watching.

I’m real happy I did.

Those five short minutes turned an otherwise blasé, regular morning into a feel-good, happy one. I’m all for happiness. Honestly, I believe I might just watch that thing every morning. I’m sure it can’t hurt. It actually made me want to do something nice for someone, so the video did its job.

I’m not saying everyone should watch the video, or that everyone should do random nice things for people. I’m saying that the message was refreshing in a world where fat people falling down or teens getting drunk and fighting are some of the most popular videos on the Internet. Sometimes, a good, old-fashioned, positive something-or-other is just what we need in our day.

Anyway, here’s the link:

And here is the story behind the movement:

Copy and paste them into your browser and enjoy; it’s a well-done, neat video that made me think twice.


LaughingZombie said...

OK, I'll say it: Everyone should do random nice things for other people!

Derek Odom said...

Hah, yes, that would be something.

Anonymous said...

I think its especially nice in a world that seems to have become disillusioned and overwhelmingly negative and pessimistic. Witness cable news that's fixated on bashing you over the head with tragedy and how the political party you don't agree with is evil and wants to destroy America.

Derek Odom said...

Oh yea, totally. I won’t even watch the news or almost any media, for that matter. It’s all terribly biased, negative junk.