Friday, September 2, 2011

Politics: Why worry about them?

There are two things I simply won’t discuss with anyone except my closest friends, and those are religion and politics. Especially politics. I don’t care about them, they bore me, and if I’m going to worry about anything, I’m going to worry about things that affect me or my loved ones directly. Things I can change.

Look, I don’t like soldiers going to war in Iraq or Afghanistan any better than the next guy. I don’t. But if I never turned on a TV or hopped on the Internet, I wouldn’t even know they were there. I’d still get up, have my coffee, and go about my day. Overseas conflicts about arms trading, oil, religion, or any other matter just simply do not affect my life one bit. I worry more about local drunk drivers than I do wars.

Another reason I hate politics is because it’s such a fake-ass world. I realize I’m only thirty-six, but in those thirty-six years I have never, or so extremely rarely as to be never, heard anyone say they love the president, or even a senator. Politicians spout a bunch of horse shit promises so they can get elected, and then once in office, almost none of it happens. So, why vote? They all just seem to be talking heads run by other people, anyhow. Does it *really* matter which talking head is in office? Maybe, slightly. Maybe.

Some of my least favorite people are the conspiracy theorists. According to them, there’s always something fishy going on, some secret, under-toe current of nastiness coming from the government. Well, so what? Look, *experts* in the field have dedicated their entire lives to analyzing government conspiracies, and have basically gotten nowhere. What makes you think average joes such as ourselves know any better? We don’t, and can’t. Stop wasting your time. Find a hobby, like model airplanes or sewing, and worry about improving your own life. Getting angry at politics is needlessly raising your blood pressure.

I tend to worry more about local laws and ordinances as opposed to global stuff. I think there’s enough going on right in our own communities to keep us busy for years. You may like to bad mouth Obama all over Facebook, but when’s the last time you donated a little money to your local police department, or gone to a city council meeting? Let’s get our hearts and heads in the right places, folks. Just sayin’.

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