Sunday, August 14, 2011

Ana Kefr Show

Last night I went to the Music Room in San Bernardino to see my buddy’s band, Slanderus, play a set. They were billed with two other bands, one of which was Ana Kefr. All the bands were “screamer” bands, meaning it’s aggressive metal music with, well, screaming vocalists.

It usually isn’t quite my cup of tea (I’m a child of the ‘80s; I like anything from Metallica to Lionel Richie to alternative to classical , but the screamers are a bit new for my taste) but Ana Kefr is quite simply an amazing band. I mean it. They were amazing.

The music was more “musical” to me than many of the new bands. Like, really musical. I could clearly hear the classical influence, even though it was metal music. They played for one hour, and never once stopped. That alone is impressive considering the intensity of their music. They incorporated different genres in their act, too, such as ska, a horn solo, keyboards and of course, brutal metal.

Just when I thought I had heard it all, Ana Kefr comes along. Never before have I seen or listened to anything remotely similar. Mark my words, folks, Ana Kefr is going all the way. You may not know their name now, but you will. It was hands down the most impressive five-dollar show I have ever attended.

You can find 'em here:!/anakefr

If you like new metal or progressive rock at all, you’ll wanna give these guys a try. Trust me.


Anonymous said...

hey, that's Arabic. Ana Kefir means I'm an infidel! lol :D Are the band members Arabs or something?

Derek Odom said...

Not to my knowledge. Interesting though!